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Baghdad: Ancient City of Learning

Al Mustansiriya University in Baghdad opened in the 13th century.

A. Your first task is to find out all you can about the city of Baghdad and the people who lived there.  Always be on the lookout for valuable information.

Virtual Tour of Baghdad

World Mysteries: Baghdad Battery

Wikipedia: Baghdad

Baghdad in Islamic History

Baghdad: A Center of Classical Knowledge

Baghdad: History

B. Your second task as one of the great merchant houses of the Silk Road is to determine which product you want to trade on the Silk Road.  To do this, please use the links below to determine which of the four products available to your city you want to deal in.

Date Palm by http2007 (Flickr)


Almonds - Roasted by Elenadan (Flickr)


Dying Various Types of Leather by Jonrawlinson (Flickr)


Lapis ring by DeidreWoollard (Flickr)

Lapis Lazuli

C. To answer the geography-related questions in section C of your notetaking organizer, go to . Under Get Directions, type in the name of your home city next to the A and the name of the city you will travel to in B.  Then click GET DIRECTIONS.  Using ROAD and AERIAL views (SATELLITE VIEW) — NOT 3D — learn about the geography of your “neighborhood”.

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